Sunday, October 31, 2010

Great Reference Web Page

Hey guys I wanted to share with you a fabulous web page. This page has photos of tons of tanks from WWII to modern, artillery, trucks, etc. , from many different nations. It is a great reference for me and I'm sure you'll find it useful also. Go check it out................

Armys, Corps, Groups and Divisions - Battle of the Bulge

Wow! Richard Seay did a superior job in finding the vehicles used by both sides in "Wacht Am Rein" or the "Battle of the Bulge". Nice job Richard. So I was thinking maybe as we build these tanks, trucks, or what ever, it would be nice to have knowledge of some of the units that fought that cold December of 1944. As I researched I decided that Army, Groups, Brigades and Divisions should suffice. Any units below Division level would make the list almost too huge to work through. I think all the units listed had tanks either in their order of battle or tanks attached to them, as far as I can tell. Feel free to fix mistakes or add more if you find my list wanting. So here you go -

  • 5th Panzer Army
  • 6th Panzer Army
  • 6th SS Panzer Army
  • 7th Army
  • 1st SS Panzer Corp - made of 1st SS Panzer Div and 12 SS Panzer Div
  • II SS Panzer Corp - made of 2nd SS Panzer Div and 9th SS Panzer Div
  • Fuhrer Begliet Brigade
  • Panzer Brigade 150 - Ersatz Panthers and StuGs as well as English speaking German MP's
  • 12th Volksgrenadier Div
  • 326th Volksgrenadier Div
  • Panzer Lehr Div
  • 2nd Panzer Div
  • 116th Panzer Div

  • Brit 21st Army
  • US 12th Army
  • Brit 30 Corp
  • US 3rd Army
  • US 9th Army
  • US 1st Army
  • US 14th Cavalry Group
  • US 3rd Armored Div
  • US 6th Armored Div
  • US 7th Armored Div
  • US 10th Armored Div
  • US 28th Div
  • Brit 29th Div
  • US 84th Div
  • US 99th Div
  • US 106th Div

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Austin IPMS follow-up

Vince got second place with his Tamiya kit. Painted with Model Master enamels. Added Tamiya stowage and accessories. Weathered with oils.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blog creation!

Hi :-)
I hope this could be a good way to start sharing and keeping track with what's happening in our group.
Let's experiment and archive our meetings, conversations, tips and links to make our club even better.

Fred Levesque