Wednesday, June 27, 2012

is this a hummer in super sport version? or can some one  tell the rest of the group what it is? so far i can't find any info ..........

o.k once again is time to share some pictures with you fellows.......seems that the soviets really love to park tanks new and old there any reason for this practice?......any way enjoy and keep building......

Thursday, June 14, 2012

M48 in 1/72 scale

Hi Gang.  Guess it is time to learn how to do this all over again since they changed the blogger.

The kit is an old AMT. There were a lot of inaccuracies and I was only able to improve a few of them. I changed the commanders cupola, added headlight guards, scratch built a tow cable, and scratch built a reasonable muzzle break. I added the power line and the third support for the seach light and the lift hooks on the turret.

Even tthough I wanted a Vietnam version, the barrel is still wrong. The one thing that would have taken way more time than it was worth was fixing the road wheels and tracks. The actual M-48 has split road wheels and a center track guide. I couldnt imagine adding in the track teeth and groving the road wheels.

 I selected resin stowage from my stores including packs, bags, boxes and gas and water cans. The antennae are Fiber Optic line.

Has anyone seen 1/72 resin or white metal ammo cans? Does anyone make these in bulk for .30 and .50 cal?

I painted with model Master Enamals and weathered with oils and chalk.

Vince B  June 14.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

o.k............. i see that  no one is posting anymore .....tell you what people if you get to post anything i share a ride of my tank with you here is my perfect kit.........enjoy

Thursday, June 7, 2012

something to get a laugh...the best tank destroyer of the chose.......... also some old tricks that still around the army balloons   .......and the last one is the best one in how to deceive  the enemy....the garbage truck rocket launcher......have fun and keep building..........

not here is for my fellow modern armor members of the club.....enjoy also and again just give the kits..............

now in memory of the D day ........i have been to busy but finally i am back so just give me the kits {just joking} is for you guys enjoy

Friday, June 1, 2012

"Celluclay" Mix dialed in.

Hey all,
Here is a more or less accurate receipe for Celluclay diorama ground texture. It can also be used for applying mud to vehicles,figures, the dog etc.. The secret came from reading the instructions on the containers. That brought the cure time way down and also made it more predictable. Some variation is to be expected.
   Fast Mache is at Hobby Lobby and is white in color. I used Dap instead of Durham's water putty and "yellow" carpenter's glue works better than white glue. Read the instructions carefully. Mix in a container that is smooth and easy to use for the particular tool you are using so you can stir out any lumps as quickly as possible. I've found one of those roller paint brushes can help spread out the material if the surface your using is relatively flat.
Eric Ward

Celluclay” diorama texture mix:

1 part = 1/3 cup

Dap Water Putty 1 part to *1/3 of 1 part water

Fast Mache 3 parts to 1 part water
close container and shake dry ingredients, add water

Titebond Carpenters Glue approx 1 tbspn-less
acrylic paint to color (Plaid,Ceramcoat,etc.) approx 1 tbspn

stir.   starts to harden in 30 min. Sandable in 7 hours
covers approximately 300 sq.” at 1/8” thickness