Sunday, May 28, 2017

Russian KV-5

I have been told that there was One of these actually used in combat, but I haven't been able to find a single photo of the real thing.  This was an extended KV-2 chassis adding 2 more road wheels and 1 return roller. The engine was probably upgraded too.

Enough tech, this was the TAKOM kit which went together so well.  My only issue was with making the individual tracks.  Not really a big deal, but cumbersome

I used Model Master enamel Gunmetal as the primer. Then slowly added coats of Humbrol green, until it was the shade I wanted.  I gloss coated, added decals, gloss coated again, then oil washed, dot washed and pin washed in sequence.

After several rounds of dull coating, I went back with Burnt Umber oils and simulated wear in the paint on edges, steps, hatches and hinges.  Brushed in a little Indian Red for rust, then thinned out with another wash.
Next, I will mount on a rubble base.

Vince B.  5-28-17.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Dragon IJN Type 2 (Ka-Mi) Amphibious Tank

 Here's my Type 2 IJN Amphibious Tank I recently brought to the meeting. This kit is outstanding with just a few parts, but it includes individual track links and wire for the pontoon release mechanism. I finished it in a single green color. To break up the monolithic tone, I airbrushed random areas of each panel with a lighter shade of green. I added the chain (that wasn't in the kit) and weathered the model with oils. I used Tamiya smoke for the exhaust stains. Enjoy!
 The operational plan is for the tank to swim to shore, where upon reaching the beach, the commander moves a lever to release the fore and aft pontoons. It is interesting to me that the fore pontoon blocks the use of the bow machine gun when attached.
 Here's a nice reference for the actual vehicle:
 This is just another step in my quest to be good at weathering armored vehicles.

Thanks, Jason

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Old Tamiya SdKfz-222

AFTER this was displayed at the Modelmania show as OUT OF THE BOX as required for our club entry, It was time to add stowage. The kit was originally a weekend build back in November when  the club  decided what to do for the entry.