Saturday, July 29, 2017

Panzer Faust

Well, it was really a Gundam.  But since it came with a rack of German WWII Panzer Faust in its arsenal, I couldn't resist doing something different.  I don't watch the show so don't understand what this was but it carried nearly a dozen weapons like some Dreadnaught Gundam.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures.

Vince B  7-30-17

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Minenraumer Panzer

Now for something completely different...... Sorry, that would be British.  No flying Circus here.  This thing really existed in a basic form. Yes, of course I couldn't leave it unarmed, so added what armament could be fitted as if it had progressed past a prototype Mine Roller.

I have seen this done in the basic Prototype Primer color with chalk marked designations. Looks good right out of the box.  I chose to field mod it. by adding a Panzer II and 38 T turret, the add the requisite camo pattern for an Easter Front operation.

I added some tool and parts boxes, tarps and operational equipment.

Vince B. 7-10-17

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Geschutzenwagen Tiger

This is the old Trumpeter kit, which is still available for ~ $85.00 If you can find it.  I got this from John Ford's piles. The box was crushed along with the lower hull.  I had to pry, cut, glue and clamp several sections to straighten it out again so it was usable.

Then I had to research it to see if I could figure out how the mechanisms were supposed to work. There are lot of missing pulleys, chains and hydraulics as the photos of the actual captured prototype only captured the parts visible.  Much of this was not documented where I could find it, so I tried to reverse engineer from what was available.  I added enough of it to make it look like it might work.

 This was built on an extended Tiger II chassis.  The side walls were on retractable railings which  would be lowered for deployment of the canon or reloading it into onto the chassis.
 Unfortunately the components were configured to allow the hinged sides to be lowered so I posed it in a halfway deployed position to make use of the mounting platform for the cannon.
I cant see any real purpose for this design. Why deploy and make stationary when it was already a mobile platform?  It had a crew of nine and had no room to carry ammunition for the gun.  There was barely room for the crew personal stowage.

I painted this in sections making the cannon a complete separate kit, which was detailed enough to stand on its own.  I added crew stowage and some support steel, cables, chains for the deployment mechanism. The track was rubber and I had to insert broken drill bits to shape the sag.

I lightly weathered it with oils and provided the scratches, scrapes and rust as applicable.

Vince B.  6-24-17

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Hadn't seen this one down at the Deere dealer.

(Photo courtesy of Clarence Novak of the Grand Prix Modelers Association.)

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Russian KV-5

I have been told that there was One of these actually used in combat, but I haven't been able to find a single photo of the real thing.  This was an extended KV-2 chassis adding 2 more road wheels and 1 return roller. The engine was probably upgraded too.

Enough tech, this was the TAKOM kit which went together so well.  My only issue was with making the individual tracks.  Not really a big deal, but cumbersome

I used Model Master enamel Gunmetal as the primer. Then slowly added coats of Humbrol green, until it was the shade I wanted.  I gloss coated, added decals, gloss coated again, then oil washed, dot washed and pin washed in sequence.

After several rounds of dull coating, I went back with Burnt Umber oils and simulated wear in the paint on edges, steps, hatches and hinges.  Brushed in a little Indian Red for rust, then thinned out with another wash.
Next, I will mount on a rubble base.

Vince B.  5-28-17.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Dragon IJN Type 2 (Ka-Mi) Amphibious Tank

 Here's my Type 2 IJN Amphibious Tank I recently brought to the meeting. This kit is outstanding with just a few parts, but it includes individual track links and wire for the pontoon release mechanism. I finished it in a single green color. To break up the monolithic tone, I airbrushed random areas of each panel with a lighter shade of green. I added the chain (that wasn't in the kit) and weathered the model with oils. I used Tamiya smoke for the exhaust stains. Enjoy!
 The operational plan is for the tank to swim to shore, where upon reaching the beach, the commander moves a lever to release the fore and aft pontoons. It is interesting to me that the fore pontoon blocks the use of the bow machine gun when attached.
 Here's a nice reference for the actual vehicle:
 This is just another step in my quest to be good at weathering armored vehicles.

Thanks, Jason

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Old Tamiya SdKfz-222

AFTER this was displayed at the Modelmania show as OUT OF THE BOX as required for our club entry, It was time to add stowage. The kit was originally a weekend build back in November when  the club  decided what to do for the entry.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Russian 1K17 Szhatie

I cant pronounce it either, but it doesn't matter since it was a 1980s failure.  Yeah that's how long this blunder has been kept hidden.  It was intended to disrupt battlefield electronics, targeting, communications etc. Probably backfired but we may never know.  Now it sits rusting and parted out like an old model kit.
 It looks like they used a howitzer turret, gutted it and inserted a mass of laser electronics and optics.

The whole array of lenses can elevate at a very slight angle.

By the way, this was a Trumpeter kit.  Pretty typical parts and fit. The kit includes most of the parts of the original howitzer, so I have spares.  I built it as if it were operational, but it would be fun to do the current version rotting out in the boneyard.

And of course I lit it up. But now that I have taken the photos, I see some touch up is needed. 1% more to go before it gets into the museum.

Vince B Apr 30. 2017

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Proposed 5.5cm Flakpanzer Panther

(I love Paper Panzers!!!)

The 5.5cm FlaKpanzer Panther was a proposal based on new, more advanced 5.5cm guns. The new turret, with new sights and guns, was to be mounted on older hulls returned for refit and/or repair. 

This 1/35th scale model turret was mastered by John Bottomley for Accurate Armor, kit # C033.

Accurate Armor kit#C033
For this very simple conversion used the Accurate Armor turret and the Tamiya Late Panther G (kit #35176). I used Tamiya Acrylic German Grey XF63 mixed with XF08 Flat Blue to make the base coat. I wanted the tank to look like it was just rolled from the train yard. The little bit of weathering used was pigments.

Just after paint

Simple and Fun Conversion!!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Mtl. SPW. Sd.Kfz. 251/9 ausf. D 
Kanonenwagen mit 7.5cm KwK 37 L/24

   The Sd.Kfz. (Sonderkraftfahrzeug) 251 Hanomag was used from 1939 until 1945 by Nazi Germany. Several manufactures built 10,602 Ausf D's from April 1943 until the end of the war.

   The Mtl. SPW. Ausf D half track had been changed slightly, for easier fabrication, from the previous models. As the war progressed these vehicles were required to take on tasks they were never designed to accomplish initially. The Sd. Kfz. 251/9 nick named the "Stummel" a SPG variant (AKA the "Kanonenwagen") using a short barrel 7.5cm (2.95") howitzer with the same mounting as the StuG III, was one of these vehicles.
"7.5cm Stummel" in the Munster Tank Museum
Brutal broken down winter repair

 The first Stummels were used with the SS-Panzerregiment 4 "Der Furhrer" and the 2nd SS Armored Division. Later the Paratrooper division "Herman Goring" used them as armored reconnaissance.

I built the Tamiya model # 35147 of the Kanonenwagen in the late 90's. The results are below.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Ratte & Maus

This is the Takom kit, one of their first, which introduced a new era in semi Sci Fi Modeling.  As we have read on the websites, this was an actual deign by Krupp in 1942, but scrapped before it could begin production as it was deemed ineffective and a waste of resources. I cant believe it was expected to do 24 MPH. Enough history.  Now to the fun stuff.

 This is 1/144 scale, so I needed to use some 'N' scale railroad figures to help visualize how big this really was, or would have been.  The kit also comes with 2 MAUS tanks to help with the scale enormity.
 Since this was for fun, I took some liberties and added some weaponry, and details. I imposed the assumption, being Sci-Fi, that the numerous heat vents on the rear deck were actually giant batteries so I engineered a spare replacement system by adding a battery trolley and crane.
 I used the Therapy Putty for the camo patterns on the Ratte and Maus. Yes, therapy, that is what I need.
 Since the anti aircraft guns that came in the kit were too fragile and lame, I upped the caliber by replacing with evergreen rod.
 This was too cool to leave out of the box and had enough room inside for me to wire up some LEDs and run fiber optics along with a battery pack accessible through the turret. So it has working spotlights, headlights and battery lights.
 I did replace the photo etch railings and ladders with plastic.  Anybody need any 1/144 scale ship railing? I also had to provide more decals which I got from my spares.
Vince B.  April 15.