Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sturm Infantiergeschutz

This was another really old Dragon kit. It started as a junker from someone's collection, leftovers. It was going to be sci fi, but as I researched photos, I got more interested in doing it up right; at least close to right.  The base kit was lacking in some extra detail so I scratch built a stowage rack, added stowage and a few other accessories as I found in the photos. Lots of variation and field modifications. 

As usual, I paint with enamels laced with lacquer and heavily dullcoat between layers. Stowage is added mostly prior to painting. Straps are added first for hanging stowage. Afterward, I wash with oils and turpenoid.

Since the track links were individual, it allowed me to plan the sag in the appropriate areas.
Here you can see the stowage rack made from evergreen shapes. I did this in place of the secondary stowage box which is not included with this kit.
Vince B  8-31-13

Saturday, August 24, 2013

SdKfz 234/2 Puma

The HAC next in club challenge was for Steel on Wheels. This 1/35 scale Dragon kit certainly qualifies. I wasn't able to find many good photos of the 101 manufactured Pumas. As this kit was well detailed, full of accessories, I managed to do it out of the box.

  Base colors were model master enamels of light sand over a dark green Floquil Lacquer. Last bottle of my stash. After several dullcoats, washes, and drybrushings, I added some pigment powders in layers under the wheel wells and on tires.

Vince B  Aug 24-2013

Saturday, August 3, 2013

SdKfz 250 in 1/35 scale

 This is an old Tamiya kit. I had been studying photos of the vehicle Rommel was famous for and had intended to use the Greif markings. I had also found some good detail references of various interiors including cabling of the radios and headsets. Some of that I scratch built from bits.

 It was more fun to do the add ons so I decided Not to do the specific vehicle

 I did several layers of washes and dull coats to achieve the overall worn out effect of the vehicle and its stowage. The basic kit seemed to lack a lot of detail so I added stuff from my spare stowage bins. I use painters tape for making straps.
Vince B.  8-4-13

Here are some photos of the M8 Greyhound Light Armored Car I just finished.