Sunday, September 11, 2016

Skoda PA-II Turtle

Its easy to see why this vehicle was designated Turtle.  Tis is the new Takom kit. Not much to it. No interior and not that many parts to put together. It can be confusing though as which was is the front does make a difference, though this vehicle did seem to dive in both directions. 

Crazy to think that this thing had a crew of 5.  2 drivers, 2 gunners and a commander.  I believe there were only 13 of these vehicles made in this configuration with the 4 ball mounted machine guns. There was another version modified to have a cannon. This was not actually used in WWI but produced after the war.

I airbrushed a base coat of Gunmetal.  Then rolled worm strings of that Therapy putty and randomly crisscrossed these strings around the vehicle until I had patterns similar to those shown on the color charts.  I then carefully airbrushed in sections of random colors, varying the shading as shown.  I covered sections again with thinned out sheets of the putty until I had all sections painted. Once removed and cleaned, I did the basic glossing and oil washes.

Vince B 9-11-16