Sunday, July 31, 2016

Takom's St Chamond Early version

This Takom stuff is really nice. Takes some getting used to, having everything fit exact as it shows. Hard to not try to anticipate and correct something that doesn't need correcting. Treat it like an old Tamiya kit with way better detail and accuracy. Best part is NO PHOTO ETCH.

I learned a lot about these French WWI tanks as I was studying. This early version was a monster and had 5 or 6 crew. Basically it was a tractor with steel riveted plates around it.  The drive train and track suspension assembly was very intricate but if you follow the steps it works out well.

 I will complete the build by inserting the model into a battlefield trench setting with barbed wire fencing and posts being pulled apart.

Vince B.  July 31-2016

Thursday, July 14, 2016

HobbyBoss 1/48 KV-1

This is the captured KV-1 tank, repainted and marked with German ID.   The kit went together well.  There were some photo etched fidley bits, but I got through it. The detail was great and a good fit.

I added on some resin stowage.

The kit tracks were plastic length and link with preformed sagged on the return rollers.  This was impressive.

 Vince B.  July 14

Monday, July 11, 2016

M42 Duster

This is the really old Tamiya kit with all of the battery & motor fittings in the lower hull.  Since I am going to screw it down to the base and groundwork, I didn't bother to fill all the openings.

The kit lacked a lot of detail based on the photos I researched on line. I packed it with stowage and made some minor corrections.  The ammo provided in the kit was way undersized.  I went to my supply rack and found more suitable substitutions.

 I decided to do this as the US Vietnam version, though I was confused on several details.  I found what I believe were early war photos where there were no flash suppressors.  I found what I think were post VN versions with a wire bracket around the flash suppressors.

Each vehicle had its own personality as well as a name in most cases. I did use the decals in the kit, though I did find actual photos of this subject online with a different personality.

The mud was a concoction of my dried out air brush sludge mixed with some Burnt Umber oil paint.  The sludge had dried to chunks which I ground down into powder. This worked out great under and behind the road wheels in the lower hull.

Vince B July 10.