Friday, August 26, 2016

Renault FT 17 Practice

This is from the old RPM kit.  As I said above, this was for practice for when I get the MENG kit. The first version I did had various errors from the poor instructions. Once I researched photos of the real Renault FT 17s, I saw all of the parts in the wrong places, or backwards etc.

So, I started over since I had parts from 3 variations of this kit left over from the John Ford collection.  I also for the first time tried out Fruil tracks, which I happen to have for this kit. One of the reasons I called this practice. I learned how to weather the white metal tracks as well as adding some missing details on the kit.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Chrome Magnum

OK. I finished another Gundam kit. This is still what they call 1/144 scale, but for my purposes is 1/72.

I built the kit out of the box except I actually use glue, paint and occasionally, putty. I do use my own decals from scraps. Most of the Gundam Club just snap them together from the box with whatever colors are appropriately manufactured on the sprues.

Funny thing yesterday at the build that they actually noticed I was using liquid glue. My concoction does usually smell funny.

Vince B.  Aug 21. 2016

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

M998 Gun Truck or (Who Spilled the Ice)

This was an Academy kit. After having done a lot of web searches, I found that I could do just about anything with this subject and it wouldn't be wrong. It makes me feel like doing another one with even more modifications.

I added stowage everywhere that I could find used from web photos. I really liked so many of them had spare tires strapped to the hood or the front grill so I stuffed the center with more stowage.
I used Tamiya tape for all of the stowage straps. I also added components from the MENG modern stowage set which included some nice coolers. I just had to open one up and fill it.

 I had several clear water bottles and found some useless decals to wrap around them. Cant even tell what they say, but looks like a water bottle label. I stuffed a piece of water soaked toilet paper in and covered it with watered down Crystal Clear.  While it was still wet, I sprinkled in some table salt and stuck the bottles to it.
 I included some spare ammo  and fuel cans and crates, tents and personal stowage for the crew.

Vince B. Aug 16

Sunday, August 7, 2016

St. Chamond in the trenches

 OK. I have completed the groundwork to show the St, Chamond approaching a barbed wired trench emplacement.

I thought it would be fun to make a WWI colorized exposure.