Saturday, November 21, 2015

Panzer III CyberHobby

This kit originally came with the flatcar, but I got it as a leftover from Tom a few years back.  It is my first Panzer III in 1/35 scale.  I built it out of the box, less the command antenna. I just noticed from the instructions, I must have added the tow hooks and cable.

 There were some real issues I had with this kit. The sprues were cobbled together from older Dragon kits.  The kit instructions indicated that you had to ream out ~1/4" of the turret hole on the upper hull to get the turret ring to fit. It was a lot of grinding, sanding to get this right.
There were also other instructions to cut or drill out other parts to make new ones fit in. Other places indicated having to measure out where some accessories should go in order to space them properly on the fenders.
This is the kit that used for the demo last week.
Vince B.  Nov 21.