Wednesday, November 30, 2016

VK 4205 (P) Hintern

This is just one of the King Tiger Prototypes that wasn't chosen for production.  I couldn't find any photos of the real thing so I am not sure it made it off the drafting table.

This is the Hobby Boss kit, which I was pretty impressed with. To start, the turret detail interior was so fine that I had to leave open all of the hatches and put a light in it.  Still cant see all of the detail inside without taking the turret off.  I even left out the ammo to help see inside from the rear hatch.

I did paint this up and add some markings to represent it in action as if it had been manufactured. I like the grey color scheme.  I used a combination of Gun Metal and blue to create the warn effect, then did the usual layers of oil washes.

The tracks were individual half links.  Two pieces per length so you had to be sure to keep them alternating in order. I sis this in length and link sections to be able to fit the wheels and sprockets. There were extra links  so I made some stowage racks on the turret to hang them.

Vince B. Dec 1

WWI Whippet

I found out this was named after a dog.  This is the MENG kit out of the box. I am really happy with the ease in which this went together and the quality of the detail. I think the Russian scheme in grey came out nice as well using two layers of dark grey enamel and a lot of oil washing and dullcoat.

The tracks were really good to assemble and provide a lot of flexibility, workable to fit on the road wheel assembly.

In researching this on line, I learned that the long portion was a front mounted engine, so the crew compartment of 4 is in the rear.

 Vince B. Dec 1


Well, this one was a challenge for me in 1/35 scale. These were leftovers from John Fords collection. Mixture of, I believe Italeri and Tamiya components.  I believe these kit were from the same molds?  Anyway, since I didn't have directions on the side car, I had to rely on the photos I found on the internet.  Building this taught me some about how it functioned mechanically.  I had not realized that the side car wheel was powered from the motorcycle through it own transmission.

I added missing details like SOME of the wiring and cables for throttle and ignition. The side car didn't have the machinegun mount so I found parts and stowage to put that together.

I didn't have decals so needed to go to my decals scraps to find the suitable markings.

Vince B. Dec 1.