Saturday, October 17, 2015

Trumpeter 1/35 scale Triebwagen 51

This is one big kit.  The upper hull is a single molded piece. Same for the lower hull. The interior is completely hollow except for the wheel assemblies.  All of the hinges, hatches etc. are separate parts. I used Humbrol enamel paints, many layers of floor wax and dullcoats to weather with oils. Did some scrubbing with Mig powders and dry brushing.
This is not fiction. It really existed along with many other numbered armored rail cars produced by the Germans in WWII. Trumpeter has also begun producing some of the Russian counterpart rail vehicles.

The PZ IV Turrets are separate kits in themselves each with a detailed interior which you can barely see unless removing the turret.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Enroute to Baghdad

This is the Academy M1A1 Abrams (Iraq 2004). 
The kit is pretty basic based on their early M1A1. As with most early kits the sponsons where filled and a few parts needed to be changed out, i.e. the Gunners Doghouse sight cover supplied was inaccurate. Commanders station needed improvement, MCD & APU units soft detail replaced them with those from a Tamiya kit.
Added styrene strip and bolt detail to top of side skirts as well as fender springs to the front and missing cables to smoke grenade launchers and MCD.
Crew figures came from Trumpeter/Tamiya as with stowage from the spare parts box. The roadway base came from "Phoenix Models" modern highway set.
I enjoyed building the kit for friends and to all those who like the big beasties.
David Bozarth