Wednesday, December 31, 2014

"Forgotten" 1/35 scale diorama.

Finally to start off the new year, I have completed the diorama. Lets look at what is here. First off there is an out of the box, OLD Tamiya Panther kit and an out of the box OLD Dragon Flatcar kit.

 I added some appropriate stowage both on the Panther and the Flatcar. Assorted foliage was added  both on the panther and the diorama base, which is a kit in itself for the rails. I did scratch build the end of line bumper from Plastruct parts and Woodlands Scenics stones. Finally, the geese by Tamiya.

 Painting was mostly by airbrush using enamels, both Model Master and Humbrol. Various coats of gloss before decalling and dullcoat lacquer between oil washes. Also, I used the dot oils (Blue & White) to provide the washed out shading of the rail car. Afterward some drybrushing to bring out details. Then more dullcoats and final washes. Of course my favorite part of doing old armor, is the rusting.

 You can see various levels of rust using oils (Burnt Umber & Black in various layers and shades. To get the look of real pealing steel, I mix in some pigment or other grime textures.

Vince Barrale