Sunday, December 27, 2015

T34 / 76 in 1/35 scale

Again, this is an old Tamiya kit with the motorization mounts in the lower hull. I had used this as a weathering demo in November for two clubs. This is another out of the box kit.

The original paint color was a light green Model Master enamel weathered with various levels of oil washes, glosses and dullcoats to provide a multi layered worn effect.

Rust shading was achieved with thinned out Burnt Umber oil paint.

Vince B. 12-27-15

KV II in 1/35 scale

 This is the 1970s Tamiya kit with very basic detailing. It still had the motorized cut outs in the lower hull. This is very much out of the box.
 The real fun with this was in doing it up in a winter scheme and rusting it a bit. I originally painted with Model Master Enamel light green, washed and weathered with oils, then over sprayed with the white wash. The final rusting was varying shades of Burnt Umber.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

LAV-150 Desert Patrol

This was a Hobby Boss kit, pretty much out of the box except for the added stowage. What I didn't like about the kit parts was that the entire detailed window frame was clear. I had to install with the model and paint.

 A few months ago, Kevin gave another demo regarding the new masking putty available in many forms and consistencies. I have the densest version which is less tacky and doesn't actually droop when stretched.  This allowed me to make very thin lines for a worm pattern. The base coat was of the original olive drab intended for the vehicle. It was too boring for me.

After completing the detail painting and weathering, I want back to carefully chrome in the window slits. Once that was dry, I painted in the tinted crystal clear. 

 Finally I added the groundwork and dusted up the lower chassis and tires with mixed pigments to match.

Vince B. Dec-13-15


Sunday, December 6, 2015

WWI Austin Mark IV Armored Car

This is the new 1/72 scale Austin Mark IV armored car kit from MasterBox. As built, it represents a vehicle used by the Russian army during WWI.

The model was built straight out of the box. It was painted with acrylics and weathered with oils. A very nice little kit.