Sunday, March 10, 2013

Stop Horsing Around

It seems like I need to do one diorama each year. The concept for this one was inspired by an old WWII photo of a horseman delivering a message to the crew of a Nashorn. I gathered up an old Dragon kit and some figures which would help me reenact the spirit of that photo.

The title "Stop Horsing Around" came from none other than Paul Sacco. The title fit, unlike the old Dragon kit. I fought my way through it. I wasn't able to find many good quality photos of the Nashorn in action, but I wanted to set the scene at the end of the long winter on the Russian Front. The surviving equipment would have been worn down and rusted out.
I painted the Nashorn with the original camouflage pattern of green & brown and then white washed it. I simulated the combination of rust and worn paint with lacquer thinner and oil washes.
Now it's time to take a break and get back to Sci-Fi for the summer.


Friday, March 8, 2013

Tamiya M26 Pershing

This kit came out about 6 years ago. The OOOOhhh AHHHH feature was some spring suspension of the tosion bars. Not all that big of a deal. As with most Tamiya kits, this was great as an' Out of the Box' build. This particular subject wasnt in any of my program plans, but I picked it up for $15 so I thought I would throw it together.

 I was pleasantly suprised to see that the rubber band tracks were completely gluable. No staples or sewing needed to secure the seam and the tracks even glue to the road wheels. As usual, I painted with Model Master enamels. I mixed some Forest Green with white to lighten the shade which I later toned darker with the Burnt Umber and Black oil washes. I tried to keep this one relatively clean, no heavy wear or rusting.
I also have a new technique for rough terrain ground work.