Sunday, May 22, 2011


Game - World of Tanks

Interesting new game - Look at the preview, download and try the demo if you'd like :-)

World of Tanks

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Saturday Build

This Saturday May 21, I am expecting a guest from the IPMS Modelmania show. He is interested in Sci-Fi. I will be reviewing his in process projects related to model lighting circuitry and fiber optics. I hope that I can pass on some tricks to help him out. Anyone is welcome to sit with us and maybe learn a little about using Fiber Optics and other lighting techniques. I will be starting my new project for the Comicpolooza event the end of the month at the GRB center.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wounded Warrior program

The HAC is going to be collecting models for a donation to the Wounded Warrior program that Dick Montgomery, the head of the national IPMS, is heading up.  The donations go to the program which is located at the military hospitals/facilities in San Antonio.  He was at Modelmania and I did not have time to gather up some models to contribute, so I talked to him and got his address to mail kits to him.  We are aiming for the May meeting as the initial collection date and I will pack them up and mail whatever I collect that night the following week.  Depending on interest, we may continue collecting after that date.  Also, the club may make a cash donation (which he prefers due to shipping issues) so Dick can buy supplies.

HAC did great at Modelmania!

IPMS Houston held its annual Modelmania last Saturday, April 30.  The show was well attended and many, many quality models were on display.  Thanks to all of you who helped out.

Houston Armor Club members did quite well at Modelmania.  Here is a listing of our club’s members that won awards:

Vince Barralle 
Dave Bozarth
Ken Burke
Kevin Gallier
Steve Gruter
Tom Moon
Paul Sacco
Don Schulte

Congratulations to all of our HAC winners!! And all of the other winners.  It was a fun day, and we had some very high quality models on display!

Don Schulte

(I would love to see the winners posting photos of their hard work!) Fred