Friday, February 28, 2014

Military Vehicle Auction - Let's Start our Own Army!

The Jacques Littlefield Collection of military vehicles is going on the auction block in California. Everyone in the club should buy one vehicle. There are at least two Shermans available, for those of you who are into them. Even a SCUD missile launcher complete with missile. I have dibs on the Saracen APC. See article at AutoWeek magazine.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

EMHAR 1/35 scale kit, out of the box

This is the EMHAR 1/35 scale kit, out of the box. The plastic is thick and the molds are crude, but the surface detail is good. The instructions are poor and the tracks are crude and take some work to fit properly.  I was surprised to find that the rubber track sections were gluable. You will need to gloss coat the decals as they tended to crack up. If you were to make a real effort by sanding out the alignment imperfections and straightening out some of the parts, you could make a good model out of this kit.

In my case, this wasn't intended to be a contest model. I threw this together quickly for the Houston Downtown Library Display case. We are putting together a WWI exhibit to be featured in one of the cases while the other cases will be general modeling of all kinds.

Vince Barrale