Monday, June 13, 2011

Techmod Panzer II Ausf L

I finally completed this kit. It wasnt the greatest build but it came out OK after a little fidling with parts. Instructions werent perfect and many parts didnt have an alignment point so some research was necessary. I didnt find much on the L.

As usual my glue formula of Tenax and MEK worked well on the plastic. This is the first kit where I was forced to use some photoetched parts. I am still getting used to that media as a major component and not just a replacement of a kit part. I added some various plastic and resin stowage to the  completed kit.

I painted with my standby mixtures of Model Master Enamals for a light blue gray base. I then Filtered  with dark oil mixture of black and burnt umber. This helped darken the tint. Added decals and hand painted thhe stowage. After several dull coats, I then heavily weathered the whole thing.  More dullcoating and final pinwashing. I set in a small base with a little groundwork mixing some plaster with Sculptamold, artist acrylic dork brown paint. While the muddy mixture was drying I pushed in the foliage and stones.

Vince Barrale

Friday, June 3, 2011

here is the new army of one

dual 88?

can someone tell us what kind of gun is this one? and the purpose of the plataform....thanks