Saturday, January 17, 2015

Krupp Protze

This is a basic Tamiya kit. As always it went together well by following the instructions. After some online photo research I realized that there were a lot of details missing which may be in newer prime kits. Anyway, here was what I got out of it as it was.
There were some stowage items included with the kit as this truck was mostly a light cargo or troop transport. I added some items to help fill in the cargo area.

 There were several color schemes which were used including the basic Panzer Gray. I opted for the winter white wash scheme. To help set off that choice, I decided to muddy up the ground work a bit as it would have been used on the Russian Front. 
I used the basic celluclay with wood glue and acrylic brown liquid mix to make the mud base, then stuffed in some rock rubble and sprinkled plaster powder for the snow. I added some woodlands scenic water paste watered down to apply as melted snow and ice.
Vince Barrale
Jan 18