Friday, March 11, 2016

Type 95 Ha Go Japanese Tank

Newer release for Dragon.  The kit went together OK except for some fidley bits of Photo Etch. The only real issue as the frailty of the gluable tracks and the poor fit. Needed to cut out links to make a proper fit.
 The only Photo Etch parts I used were the screen over the muffler and mud scrapers under the fenders. That wasn't too bad to handle.

 I used the new Fitness Putty, or similar Panzer Putty if you want to pay twice the price, to mask the color scheme in layers. The putty provided a semi hard edging.
  I washed the tank in layers of oils, black and burnt umber combinations, then dot streaked with white. The nice rust effects were from the undiluted Burnt Umber.

 The destroyed Palm Tree trunks were a special limited run resin cast set from an AMPS show in 2012.

Gun Truck

Yes, another hypothetical gun truck that could possibly work. Started with the Italeri Gun Truck kit. As usual, not enough fire power for me, so I up gunned it and up armored it.

 So a combination of other kit parts, added weapons and stowage along with much Evergreen strips and shapes allowed for this dull kit to be battle ready. 
 The added armor plates were from a Trumpeter Rail Car kit.  These were for German Machine Gun crews so the plates had sliding windows.