Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf. K

Here are a couple of photos of an oldie, but a goodie.  Yes, it's another shelf-queen from Dragon that's been sitting around collecting dust for quite some time now. It was built at least six years ago and it's the original DML K kit built pretty much out of the box with a few Evergreen styrene refinements here and there, but the detail is nowhere near Dragon's newer Panzer III kits.  It has some Magic Sculp tarps added to the front and a boot for the rear antenna.  It will eventually (maybe someday) be finished in a winter scheme.  There's still some work to do to mount the storage boxes on the rear deck before any painting can begin. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Gone Fishing

The Itaeri Armored Car kit was so small, I needed to come up with something to do with it. I recently purchased a wrecked bridge kit so decided to combine the two. A story was needed.

What do you do when your mission is scrubbed? Grab a stick of wood, tie a wire onto it and go fishing.

I added some torn steel framework and rock rubble to the scene. The water was diluted Woodland Scenics paste. I added some resin stowage to the vehicle and scratchbuilt the extra gas can rack.

The figure was an old Preiser officer. Not much to work with but I was able to re-shape his arms to hold the fishing pole.

Vince B  1-5-2014

Marder III

This is an old Italeri kit. It actually went together pretty well. In doing some research online, I found so many variants and field modifications, that I selected a few options that I scratch built some details or added components from spares.
The interior of the gun compartment was sparse so I added in a radio and some other personal equipment.
I found that the Marder was used in a variety of campaigns, so I selected the markings and color scheme used in France. I airbrushed with enamels, weathered with oils in several layers and mounted on some basic ground work.

Vince B  Jan 5-2014