Friday, November 28, 2014

Panzer Train and another Hypothetical Armored Rail piece

Coming Soon :
Panzer Train, another Hypothetical Armored Rail piece mimicking the various designs thrown together during the war. Almost ready for final weathering.
 "Forgotten", a factual representation of a Panther in an abandoned rail yard left behind under heavy camouflage. This will also be completed by the next meeting.
 I will be making a presentation comparing and contrasting the various armor railed kits used from Dragon and Trumpeter as well as explaining the scratch building involved for the Hypothetical pieces.

Vince Barrale

Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Tiger Train

Well, I wasn't expecting to get this far this year, but I am at the 99% level of this project. The few little details I have left probably wouldn't show up on my camera anyway, but should be completed before I bring to the next meeting.

I had debated on finishing it as new, rolling out of the train yard for the first time on its way to the eastern front on the outskirts of Berlin Jan 1946, but could not resist the opportunity to RUST it out a bit.  Lets say that this is more into the summer of 1946 on its way back from helping defeat the Russians.

Vince Barrale