Sunday, August 30, 2015

Russian BA-20

This is my entry in the John Ford build, a DML BA-20 armored car. My first attempt at a worn white-wash paint scheme. Used hairspray under a 50-50 mix of Reaper white & Vallejo flat clear.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

E-100 1/35 scale

The mystery on this one is that Trumpeter recently released this kit. If you have it, check to see what manufacturer is on the instructions.  The kit I had was from an old smoker with a lot of bagged kits which had been parted out. The instructions were torn, smoke stained and more, but they were identical to the new Trumpeter kit.

The parts were also interchangeable with the Trumpeter kit. The mystery is who actually molded and produced the model.  Since it was a prototype only,  in reality, I wanted to put it into combat so used some decals from an Elephant kit. Similar in purpose.
 I added a small stowage rack on the engine deck. I included piles of personal gear strapped to the spare tracks on the side of the superstructure.
 Since the super heavy track shields could not be removed completely by hand, the kit includes the support crane but I was not able to find any details on its operation. I drilled out the pulley, added chains and a winch wheel to the device and added a spreader bar with hooks to simulate the operation of the lift assist for shield removal.
Vince Barrale
Aug 22, 2015