Sunday, July 9, 2017

Minenraumer Panzer

Now for something completely different...... Sorry, that would be British.  No flying Circus here.  This thing really existed in a basic form. Yes, of course I couldn't leave it unarmed, so added what armament could be fitted as if it had progressed past a prototype Mine Roller.

I have seen this done in the basic Prototype Primer color with chalk marked designations. Looks good right out of the box.  I chose to field mod it. by adding a Panzer II and 38 T turret, the add the requisite camo pattern for an Easter Front operation.

I added some tool and parts boxes, tarps and operational equipment.

Vince B. 7-10-17

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Jon Baker said...

Yet another great build Vince! You are prolific! I've see this "wheeled worm" with a panzer 2 turret but the addition of the 38(t) turret was really smart.But just one question, if you cut off the worms tail will it grow a new one?