Friday, May 12, 2017

Dragon IJN Type 2 (Ka-Mi) Amphibious Tank

 Here's my Type 2 IJN Amphibious Tank I recently brought to the meeting. This kit is outstanding with just a few parts, but it includes individual track links and wire for the pontoon release mechanism. I finished it in a single green color. To break up the monolithic tone, I airbrushed random areas of each panel with a lighter shade of green. I added the chain (that wasn't in the kit) and weathered the model with oils. I used Tamiya smoke for the exhaust stains. Enjoy!
 The operational plan is for the tank to swim to shore, where upon reaching the beach, the commander moves a lever to release the fore and aft pontoons. It is interesting to me that the fore pontoon blocks the use of the bow machine gun when attached.
 Here's a nice reference for the actual vehicle:
 This is just another step in my quest to be good at weathering armored vehicles.

Thanks, Jason


George Karker said...

Great job. It looked even better in person at the meeting. I admire your fearlessness in trying different weathering techniques. You've made a weird subject really interesting. Thanks for sharing and keep them coming.


Jon Baker said...

Very interesting vehicle and nice execution of the build. I really like the paint job. Can you mention what type of paints and what colors you might have used?This is one World of Tanks doesn't have yet. Or the DD, or the Russian T-38 amphibs either. Great job!!