Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Proposed 5.5cm Flakpanzer Panther

(I love Paper Panzers!!!)

The 5.5cm FlaKpanzer Panther was a proposal based on new, more advanced 5.5cm guns. The new turret, with new sights and guns, was to be mounted on older hulls returned for refit and/or repair. 

This 1/35th scale model turret was mastered by John Bottomley for Accurate Armor, kit # C033.

Accurate Armor kit#C033
For this very simple conversion used the Accurate Armor turret and the Tamiya Late Panther G (kit #35176). I used Tamiya Acrylic German Grey XF63 mixed with XF08 Flat Blue to make the base coat. I wanted the tank to look like it was just rolled from the train yard. The little bit of weathering used was pigments.

Just after paint

Simple and Fun Conversion!!


Vince said...

Didn't CyberHobby have a kit of this? I thought I saw one like this in the vendor room, (which I didn't spend near enough time in)

Jon Baker said...

I think Cyber Hobby made a 5.5cm in 1/72. I'm not aware of a 1/35 in 1/35.

Jon Baker said...

I mean a 1/35 5.5cm