Saturday, April 15, 2017

Ratte & Maus

This is the Takom kit, one of their first, which introduced a new era in semi Sci Fi Modeling.  As we have read on the websites, this was an actual deign by Krupp in 1942, but scrapped before it could begin production as it was deemed ineffective and a waste of resources. I cant believe it was expected to do 24 MPH. Enough history.  Now to the fun stuff.

 This is 1/144 scale, so I needed to use some 'N' scale railroad figures to help visualize how big this really was, or would have been.  The kit also comes with 2 MAUS tanks to help with the scale enormity.
 Since this was for fun, I took some liberties and added some weaponry, and details. I imposed the assumption, being Sci-Fi, that the numerous heat vents on the rear deck were actually giant batteries so I engineered a spare replacement system by adding a battery trolley and crane.
 I used the Therapy Putty for the camo patterns on the Ratte and Maus. Yes, therapy, that is what I need.
 Since the anti aircraft guns that came in the kit were too fragile and lame, I upped the caliber by replacing with evergreen rod.
 This was too cool to leave out of the box and had enough room inside for me to wire up some LEDs and run fiber optics along with a battery pack accessible through the turret. So it has working spotlights, headlights and battery lights.
 I did replace the photo etch railings and ladders with plastic.  Anybody need any 1/144 scale ship railing? I also had to provide more decals which I got from my spares.
Vince B.  April 15.

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Jon Baker said...

Ok, where do I start?!?! Holy cow!! What a behemoth! Well if I was an anti-tank gunner, regardless of caliber, and saw this coming over the ridge I think I'd call Division, say good bye, make a cup of coffee and sit down to wait for the inevitable.

Your paint is outstanding and the lights are a great touch! This will get some AAAHHH's!! Where ever you display it. The figures are so small in comparison that I have to wonder how long it would take to just mount the monster??

How long was your build time? Were the tracks length and link, rubber band, or link?

Great subject and really spectacular job Vince. I love it too much!!