Sunday, April 30, 2017

Russian 1K17 Szhatie

I cant pronounce it either, but it doesn't matter since it was a 1980s failure.  Yeah that's how long this blunder has been kept hidden.  It was intended to disrupt battlefield electronics, targeting, communications etc. Probably backfired but we may never know.  Now it sits rusting and parted out like an old model kit.
 It looks like they used a howitzer turret, gutted it and inserted a mass of laser electronics and optics.

The whole array of lenses can elevate at a very slight angle.

By the way, this was a Trumpeter kit.  Pretty typical parts and fit. The kit includes most of the parts of the original howitzer, so I have spares.  I built it as if it were operational, but it would be fun to do the current version rotting out in the boneyard.

And of course I lit it up. But now that I have taken the photos, I see some touch up is needed. 1% more to go before it gets into the museum.

Vince B Apr 30. 2017

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